7th - 8th April 2018

Future Business Centre, Cambridge

>sudo : grow is the next hackathon in the >sudo series, taking place in Cambridge!


Run by Allia Serious Impact in partnership with AgriTech East, the hackathon will focus on some of the most challenging areas facing the agricultural industry today, including vertical farming, non-chemical crop protection and poultry management.


The overnight event will be a weekend of inspirational thinking, problem solving and prototype development to create some impactful new solutions to real-world problems and a chance to win some great prizes! If you have a background in engineering, software development, biology, or just want to come and support the teams with your agricultural industry insights, sign up now! Attendance is free and all refreshments will be provided over the weekend.


Places are limited so sign up now to avoid disappointment!



Making food systems consumer-centric

Vertical farming drastically reduces the water and spatial footprint needed to produce crops while also increasing yield and predictability for the supply chain. Optimisation of vertical farming will have huge impact on our ever-overpopulated planet.


Supporting and enhancing traditional approaches to weed control

Weeds have a huge impact on crop production and yield, from local outbreaks to sometimes wiping out entire fields. Weeds can be extremely tough to tackle, herbicides are often used however the plants can build up resistance over time and herbicides themselves are not always the best course of action. Managing how we deal with weeds has impact on the supply chain and the nature of what we eat.



Data Integration for Crop Management

Farmers capture huge amounts of data from different sources when monitoring and managing their farms. From weather data and previous crop yield information to moisture information and drone imagery, there is a huge amount of data flowing in. Being able to understand this data in context, and drawing actionable insight from it represents a huge challenge to the agricultural industry.



In the command line, sudo allows users to run programs with the security privileges of the superuser. We want to provide the environment for you to create, innovate and make impact with access to resources you wouldn't usually have access to.

>sudo : grow is the AgriTech installment of Allia’s Serious Impact Challenge weekends.

For this event we are pleased to partner with Agri-Tech East so we can work together in our shared aim to find and nurture impact solutions in the agri tech sector.

Our Serious Impact Challenge Weekends aren’t just a chance to form new peer groups among tech leaders in smart-cities, agri tech, clean-tech, and health sectors, you’ll also become immersed in identifying impact solutions to a pressing social or environmental challenge that could find an immediate route to market. 

Agri-Tech East is an independent, business-focused cluster organisation to improve the international competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture and horticulture.

We are catalysing the growth of a world-leading cluster of innovative farmers, food producers & processors, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision of improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.

Agri-Tech East brings people together from different spheres of industry and science to turn challenges into business opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial collaboration, creating a global innovation hub for agri-tech.


Will you provide food and drink?

Yes! We will provide breakfast and lunch on both days, and dinner on the Saturday, as well as snacks and drinks all day.

But I have a dietary requirement…

No worries! We will try and accommodate everyone. If you have a requirement, send through an email to and we will prepare accordingly!

What equipment should I bring?

You will need your own laptop to participate in the event. Don’t forget your charger!

Is it an overnight event?

We will have 24 hour access to the venue so you can go home after dinner and be back for breakfast or keep working throughout the night!

Who can participate?

Anyone with an interest in our theme! This includes coders, designers, developers, business and marketing people, ideators, mentors, and observers. Like most hackathons, participants must be 18 years of age or older.

How big can a team be?

We recommend 4 people per team as the best size. No more than 6, please! We will help you form a team at the event if you are coming solo.

Who should I contact with further questions?

Just email


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